Welcome to eclecticeric.com

I am Eric. I am a veteran gig goer and alternative music lover. Where 'alternative' means alternative - not 'pop/indie' pap.
I often meet people with similar 'off the wall' taste and a common question is 'Where do you find out about new music?' The ultimate aim of this site is to produce a list of the sort of music I like with links to gigs, band sites and similar bands in order to help others find those elusive sounds. I will do this through a frequent, although irregular, series of updates which will appear below.
This list will be unashamedly subjective although I would love to hear suggestions by email and deserving bands will be mentioned... 'Hold on a minute...' I hear you say, 'who are you to be judgemental about music, what do you know?' Click here to find out more about me, my musical tastes and influences.

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